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Tabitha Rayne
Tabitha Rayne
Well, issue number six is a quickie! In more ways than one :D Just popping by to bring news of my latest book release - it’s a filthy little BDSM novella just for you - with Sexy Gruff Highlanders and everything!

A raunchy summer read to get you hot!
Tossing His Caber - Highland Spanking Romance - Tabitha Rayne
a sexy snippet:
Harriet Taylor’s knees locked and she gripped her ankles as he’d instructed. Blood rushed to her head, adding to the giddiness already making her mind whirl. She knew what was coming and every muscle fiber tensed in anticipation of the first blow. She couldn’t quite believe how she’d got here, how her world had changed in only a few short days.
He’d carried her like a ragdoll to an area behind the refreshment hut. The throng of the crowd cheering just beyond made her tremble; it would only take one person to see what was going on here and all hell would break loose.
“Did I not tell you to stand still, lassie?” Archie’s voice was more of a growl and she realized she’d been swaying. She tried to hold the pose but it was an impossible task. “Do I need to secure you?”
“No, no, sir, I’ve got it.” The last thing she wanted was not to be able to stand upright and bolt if they were caught.
She took a breath, calmed herself, and was rewarded with the click and glide of a belt being unfastened and pulled off.
If ever a sound had liquefied her it was this. Was he going to punish her with leather? Harriet bit into her cheek and squeezed her eyes tight shut, which only served to throw her off balance again and Archie MacDonald put his strong palm on her lower back. A low groan escaped his throat and Harriet could imagine him staring at her upturned ass. Fiery heat spread through her flesh from where his hand lay.
The air was electric around them and Harriet wondered if time had actually frozen.
Her hair fell loose from its pin and over her face; she tried to peer through it when Archie’s hand left her body. She could just make out him winding the leather belt around his right fist and she twisted her neck to see his expression. His gaze was absolutely intense and she caught a glimpse of his tongue darting out over his lips in hunger, absolute hunger, for her…
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Tabitha Rayne
Tabitha Rayne @tabithaerotica

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