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Tabitha Rayne
Tabitha Rayne
Hello hello!
Tabitha here with a new look newsletter - hopefully this will be more frequent than the once every three months you’re currently used to!
I’ll be sharing news and information to inspire you to explore your sensual side, with links and places I’ve been writing and visiting over the web.
I might throw in some neurodivergent information as I work through life with ADHD.
Thanks for joining me, I hope you find some useful things here!
At some point in the past you subscribed to my newsletter on my website. I understand you may have not been contacted for a while, apart from my RSS feed emails, so this might be a (hopefully nice) surprise! There’s unsubscribe links at the end if you’d rather not receive chat from me any more :)
Lots of love Tabitha x

The Baker's Wife : a BDSM awakening - Tabitha Rayne
News and articles to get you excited!
Ride On Sex Toys - the Next Big Trend!
Guest blog: 7 adult industry pros on their best Valentine's Day
ETO Online Magazine Reader
Ep 113: Erotica Author, Sex Toy Inventor, Erotica Audio Artist, Narrator, and Editor Tabitha Rayne - Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
In case you missed it... an oldie but a goodie
ADHD Sex and Me - discovering I'm neurodivergent - Tabitha Rayne
And some erotica to get you in the mood!
Couple explore the erotic pleasures of hotwife sex - FrolicMe

Opens on
Just for fun
Lewdle - A lewd daily word game
Last thoughts...
This is a new platform for sending newsletters which will hopefully make it easier for all of us! I sent myself a preview and it is very easy to unsubscribe too, so if you would rather not get these… I’ll miss you, but nae hard feelings… it is really easy to say goodbye, just click the link at the end.
But if you LOVE it and want to stay, hooray! It’s really easy to share with your friends too :D I’ve got lots of exciting news and products coming up this year and would love to have you along for the ride!
Thanks for everything and here’s to #OrgasmsForAll :D
Lots of love
Tabitha x x x
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Tabitha Rayne
Tabitha Rayne @tabithaerotica

News and chat from a neurodivergent sex toy inventor who writes about sex and pleasure to inspire your sensuality.

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